Phoenix Tree Evolution is an enrichment center for both adolescents and adults. We service individuals with their personal, academic, and spiritual growth towards self-actualization. Our goal is to hold sacred space for individuals, and to cultivate world changers one person at a time. This is further accomplished through both Manuel's down to earth, heart centered, and relatable teaching styles. 


Coaching and Spiritual Development

    Over the years as an employee in the education system and spiritual healer, Manuel has learned that we as humans are seeking clarity, passion, and joy. Moreover, we ultimately want to share our experiences through being of service to one another. However, sometimes there are road blocks, such as discouragements or fears that prevent us from moving forward. Sometimes we may struggle with identifying our life purpose. However, not all is lost! Manuel not only uses potent coaching techniques, but he also utilizes ancient modalities from a 3,000 year old lineage to assist individuals with creating change at its core. Thus being able to identify and peel away the road blocks, so that one can truly find the clarity they've been seeking. 

Who Am I?

Dr. Manuel Camarena

Qualifying Credentials

  • Psy.D. in Educational Psychology

  • M.A. in School Psychology & School Based Mental Health Counseling certificate

  • B.S. in Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology

  • United States Navy Veteran, Crash & Salvage

-School Psychologist (PPS Credentialed)

-Certified Guide, Healer & Teacher by The Modern Mystery School

-Ordained Minister