What Is Spiritual Healing? 

During the ancient times, and even today there are cultures that recognize the importance of Mind, Body, Spirit. Beliefs include that there is an unseen energy field around our physical vessel, and when it becomes depleted like a ballon, it can have an effect on one's physical state.

The three main type of spiritual services are:

1. Activations: Awaking a person's potential 

2. Healings: 

3. Clearings:

Empower Thyself Initiation

Initiation means to begin something. Within the lineage of King Salomon, initiation was once reserved for kings and queens. However, today there is a shift that is occurring, which is why the Modern Mystery Schools doors are open to the public.

According to Manuel, "The transformation that had occurred over the two day Empower Thyself training and initiation was energetically swift, and it brought up a lot of personal emotions. Additionally, it assisted me in seeing life from a different angle. Just like my military bootcamp experience, I was breaking down old beliefs and barriers, all to the avail of mentally and emotionally feeling more clearer within the first six months of initiation.  Physically, I also felt a lot lighter, almost as if I was floating to where I needed to be."

Spiritually,  Manuel acknowledges that the mystery school continually assists him to expand his potential so that he can be of greater service.
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*If you feel the calling to join a great lineage that extends 3,000 years, and if you are seeking to master your life, don't hesitate to contact me or another representative through the schools webpage!
​This is a path that will never fail to amaze you!