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Forming an Identity

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Before I started my training in the field of psychology and especially since studying through a legitimate Mystery School, I did not understand the importance of self-awareness. I took ownership of an ideal, which wasn't always aligned with who I truly was. I also lived out certain persona's, because I thought it was what males should do. My journey of self-discovery has shown me that my identity is less about meeting external expectations, rather it is more about what I am meant to do while in the physical.

What is an Identity?

How do you view yourself when you look in the mirror? What qualities and characteristics come to mind? Now, how does your identity or image of yourself shift in social settings? Do you find that your behavior will change?

Your identity is a mental framework of who you are are at any given point in time. Something that I find to be helpful is working with Carl Jungs 12 Archtypes. For example, when you are tackling challenging tasks you may view yourself as King Arthur, the hero. In other situations you may connect with the qualities of Merlin, which is the sage and the magician. As one can imagine, becoming aware of which identity you are choosing to use can become a very useful tool as you traverse through life.

How Has the Field of Psychology Assisted Me?

The field of psychology is essentially the study of the mind, and how it affects our everyday behaviors. Each decision that is ever made begins with a thought, whether unconcious or concious. By learning to breakdown situations through a behavior chain analysis, or even working with a trained mental health professional with deconstruction and or empty chair techniques, individuals can shed light into the unconcious. From there a choice can be made as to how an individual will choose to move foward. Personally, I find this to be one of the most empowering gifts when studying the mind.

How Has The Modern Mystery School Assisted Me?

To take steps even further, The Modern Mystery school has provided me with advanced training that has catapulted my career as a school psychologist. I make this statement, because the school offers unique and diverse spiritual training. In some instances concepts will overlap with other areas, such as the field of psychology. Moreover, the teachings will always meet you where you are at. I personally find that the teachings greatly expand my thoughts, how I view myself, and how I relate with the world around me. As a result, I find that I am continually striving towards perfrection, all the while assisting others with their development in life.

For example, one program that is offered through the school is the Universal Hermetic Ray-10 month Kabbalah Asencion program. This program is all about creating change at its core. This is primarily accomplished by providing individuals with an opportunity to analyze their life. In doing so, a person will have the energetic support to clean up avoided areas within their life. It also provides individuals with a framework to organize their thoughts, which is something I greatly appreciate. I don't know about you, but I am the type of person that benefits from a framework or a map. Studying Kabbalah has provided me with the ultimate maps of maps, because it works directly with the human DNA (our blueprint)!

As one can see, I get very ecstatic about Kabbalah! This is because I believe that it is one of the most potent spritual programs I have ever taken in my life. As with anything, change is always a part of the equation. By taking this program I have been able to produce and sustain greater self-love. Additionally, I was able to complete my doctorate degree, and after 9 years of struggling to start a family, my wife and I were blessed with twins. This is a few of the numerous benefits I have obtained while training within Kabbalah, and The Modern Mystery School.

Practical Tips to Forming an Identity:

Below, I have provided a list of six steps to assist you with your development. Choose one and work with it on a weekly basis to expand your life further. These areas will assist you with finding greater clarity, to be a flexible thinker, and to be decisive with your actions.

Here Are Six Self-Awareness Tips:

  1. Mindfulness: Practice dedicating 15 minutes to being present. Sit up straight in a seated chair, with your palms facing upward. Close your eyes and allow your thoughts to pass on by, similar to viewing the ocean currents.

  2. Symbols: Write your truth on a piece of paper. You can also seek to find a book/movie character, and or a symbol in nature that represents your truth. Carry this symbol on you or leave it on your alter.

  3. Speak: Verbalize your truth into existence. This can be done by initially closing your eyes and focusing on your heart space. State the qualities you would like to see in your life.

  4. Vision: Imagine your truth. Focus on your symbol or character, and envision what they would do in specific situations.

  5. Release: Change your life to match your truth. If you are to own a new path, then you will have to leave certain things behind. What is it that is not congruent with your new truth?

  6. Adjust: Make adjustments when necessary. Sometimes you may find that you will have a new symbol or archetype (quality) that you will work with in specific situations. That is okay; be open to changing.

Mystery School Teachings to Expand Self-Awareness:

In addition to these six tips, there are also other ways to amplify your self-awareness even further. In the Mystery School tradition, we almost always begin with a Life Activation and Empower Thyself class and Initiation. These are key services for individuals to receive higher teachers within the lineage of King Salomon. This is because it lays an energetic foundation that can support the teachings and to assist a person with propelling forward.

  • The Life Activation is a 2 hour in person session. It is a great way to unlock your potential that lays dormant within your DNA. It is as if the lights within get turned on. As a result, individuals can have greater understanding of their purpose in life, and they can become inspired to create.

  • The Empower Thyself class and Initiation is a 2-day in person training that has been handed down for over 3,000 years. Along with receiving practical teachings and tools, you will join a family of light workers who are on a mission for world peace. Additionally, you will be able to anchor more light into your life. Thus, being able to create greater change.

If you have any questions regarding the list provided, or if you would like to receive additional information about mystery school healings, teachings, and activations, don't hesitate to reach out. I would love to connect you with a practitioner in your region, or we can sit down and talk for a free consultation.

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