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Life Activation: Awakening to Home


[17] As I said, then the brith of the seven was as follows. <Earth> was the female. Water did the fertilizing. Fire as the maturing force. Nature took spirit from the ether and brought forth bodies in the shape of the man. From life and light the man became soul and mind; from life cam soul, from light came mind, and all things in the cosmos of the senses remained thus until a cycle ended <and> kinds of things began to be. (Copehnhaver, 1992, p. 4)

Earth: Sensation

Our earthly senses are very important for us humans, because they provide information about the environment we are residing in. If danger is nearby, we most certainlty would want to have some form of signal to let us know.

Furthermore, the natural world can be viewed as a container that retains information. For it holds many gifts that goes well beyond the physical world. One of the primary reasons why students in the Modern Mystery School learn about their intuition is so that they can begin to learn to connect! An experiential class to take if you are wanting to enhance your intuition is the Spiritual Intuition class.

The Science

Per Arenschield (2021), two scientific studies that has taken place has shown humans can tap into their sixth sense. Similar to how dolphins use biologic sonar, humans can use their intuition to navigate themselves within a dark room. Humans do so by basing their information from the echos or reverberations they receive. Additionally, it is interesting to note that the brain can rewire itself to compensate when one of the human senses is hindered or in the absence of.

Water: Emotions & Feelings

How often do you hear individuals who just partook in a life altering experience say, "I have never felt more alive!" When someone speaks about their emotions or feelings, is this being experienced solely within a person's mind? Could it be that there is something else being invigorated as well? If so, then what is it and where does it reside?

As a spritiual practitioner I often will work with individuals who are seeking to obtain some type of clearing work, such as a Cord Cutting. They may have discontinued a long-term relationship, or they may have experienced trauma within their lifetime. When these situations arise, a person may not know which session to choose. However, they will express the symptoms that they are experiencing. Sometimes individuals will tell me that they feel as if they are carrying a thousand bricks on their shoulders. They also may struggle to move on from their past relationship, or they may experience what would be considered a series of "misfortune".

The Science

Collinge (1999) mentioned, researchers from Duke Medical School asked 58 patients who have myocardial ischemia to wear heart monitors for 48 hours. They then were instructed to keep a journal entry of their emotions (e.g., sadness, happiness, stress). Results found "patients who had stressful feelings were twice as likely to have a bout of ischemic pain an hour later as patients who didn't have stressful feelings" (para. 4). Additionally, it has been found that stress reduces blood flow to the heart.

Fire: Thought

Hauck (1999) affirmed, "...if you can reach the One Mind, you can change reality by transforming the One Thing, the precursor of all phsyical manifestations" (p. 56). How many individuals would love to change their reality?

Growing up, I wasn't neccesarily taught how to create my life. There were concepts that floated around my home which was centered around do good, invest in your education, and display strong work ethics. These character traits were helpful. While I found them to be true, they did not provide me with a detailed enough map on how to create change in my life. In the hermtic tradition it is said that all is Mind, thus the universe and man are mental. In order to change the reality that we live in, we must change the way that we think! This is where lineage based activations come in, especially the Life Activation.

The Science

Hampton (2017) indicated on a daily basis we are communicating to our genes with our thoughts. Acording to the study of epigenetics, humans can turn on and off their genes, depending on their life experiences. This includes the exposure that has taken place with our ancestors, and during the developmental stages as a fetus. It is important to note that our exposure does not alter the genes we were born with, rather it has to do with our genetic activity (proteins, enxymes, and other chemicals that regulate our cells). Furthermore it was mentioned that a thought can also be viewed as an electrochemical event taking place within the body. Hampton (2017) asserted,

There are thousands upon thousands of receptors on each cell in our body. Each receptor is specific to one peptide, or protein. When we have feelings of anger, sadness, guilt, excitement, happiness or nervousness, each separate emotion releases its own flurry of neuropeptides. Those peptides surge through the body and connect with those receptors which change the structure of each cell as a whole. Where this gets interesting is when the cells actually divide. If a cell has been exposed to a certain peptide more than others, the new cell that is produced through its division will have more of the receptor that matches with that specific peptide. Likewise, the cell will also have less receptors for peptides that its mother/sister cell was not exposed to as often. (Your Thoughts Program Your Cells, para. 12)

Life Activation

What is it?

The Life Activation is one of the premier services offered within the Lineage of King Salmon. Reason being is because this modality has stood the test of time, and because it works! The purpose of the Life Activation is to awaken the divine blueprint within humans, thus heightening a person's awareness to their Higher-Self. It also will assist with the releasing of unconscious patterns that are not serving a person (e.g., negative habits). Additionally, a major benefit is that it will clear personal and family karmic patterns.

What Happens During the Session?

The Life Activation is a hour and a half session that must be completed in person. During the session clients will have many layers within their energetic field balanced, such as:

  • Central Core Balancing

  • 16 Lotus Petal Awakening

  • Elemental and Magnetic Line Balancing

  • Chakra Balancing

  • Negative Crystal Removal

In addition to receiving the Life Activation, clients will receive a brief reading and a 1-month supply of Purificato and Crystalis. The morning and night vibrational elixirs will assist clients with the integration of light, and the releasing of energies from the session.

My Personal Experience

The first session that I ever received wihtin the Modern Mystery School was a Life Activation. At the time I wasn't sure what I was receiving. I just knew that what I was being told was reaching my soul. When I entered the healing room I could feel how light, refined, and pure the energy was. There was no doubt royalty was being exhibited and felt.

During the balancing portion of the session I could feel myself slightly swaying. I was amazed with how off balance I was for one, and two, that the energy could physically be seen as having an effect on me. I realized more deeply that our energy bodies are directly in relation to the physical!

When I received the Life Activation itself I felt as if someone was able to reach my hardrive or mainframe. Not neccesarily the physcial brain, but the operating system that extends beyond the physical. Furthermore, I felt as if I was riding on top of the clouds. I felt very alive and light. After receiving my reading, I knew that this lineage was authentic. The messages that were being read were deeply aligned with who I was and what I was passionate about.

After my session was complete, I immediatly put down my deposit for both the Empower Thyself class and Initiaiton, and the Full Spirit Activation. My thought at the time and as it stands today, is that I am ready to learn more about this lineage and the magick that it has to offer humanity!


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