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Mindfulness Workshop for Adolescents
Yoga Class

This workshop is for beginners or advanced practitioners alike. Adolescents (15- 21 years of age) can look forward to feeling calmer, more present, and relaxed. They will not only have the opportunity to build emotional resliliance through calming techinques, but they will also learn more about who they are!

Through self discovery, students are able to identify why they become triggered. Additionally, they can learn to make  healthier and balanced decesions instead of impulsive ones.

Each week adolescents will be introduced to a series of topics (e.g., what is anxiety, stress, anger), and they will have the opportunity to partake in an open discusion. Whether your adolescent has ADHD, Autism, or if they are sensitive to energies, this workshop is a must see. 

Day: Every Sunday

Time: 1:00pm- 2:30pm

Investment: $20

Parent Workshop: IEP What? 
Teacher Helping Student

Does your adolescent have an IEP (Individual Education Plan)? Would you like to know more about what this means, or how to best advocate for your youth or adolescent's needs? Then this workshop is for you! Come join us and see how Phoenix Tree Evolution can be of service to you and your school aged child. 

Bottomless Me-mosa Time 

We all come from different walks of life, have different stress limits, and more so than anything, we can benefit from "me" time!

In this workshop you will have the benefit of working with multiple muses such as drawing, painting, writing, creating videos, and  working with the four elements. Earth, Air, Water, Fire are elements that can be resembled to elements within our life, and they can reveal to us where we are lacking either passion or energy. 


This is a time for relaxation, reflection, and above all childlike fun!